Lebanese Food Buffet – EATING EVERYTHING at Tawlet Ammiq Restaurant in Lebanon!

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Tawlet Ammiq ( – For lunch in Beqaa Valley, Lebanon, we went to Tawlet Ammiq, an amazing eco-restaurant that empowers the local community and serves a huge buffet of local Lebanese food. The atmosphere is spectacular and it was a great opportunity to see the food being prepared by the amazing women and then to taste each and every dish.

Lebanese Food Buffet – First on the buffet, they had the entire meze salad sections, with all the familiar Lebanese classics like hummus and labneh. But the hot food section included some regional specific dishes, as well as home-style Lebanese food that’s not always easy to find at restaurants. A few of my favorite dishes were the marinated and grilled trout, and the Aleppo style kebabs in cherry sauce.

Along with delicious food and the variety of Lebanese food, one of the highlights of eating at Tawlet Ammiq is amazing atmosphere under the trees and the view over the Beqaa Valley.

An amazing restaurant and place to visit when you’re in Lebanon.

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Lebanese Food Buffet – EATING EVERYTHING at Tawlet Ammiq Restaurant in Lebanon!


  1. If one can imagine, the country, people, food culture and wealth of natural resources is what has attracted invaders since before this Levantine land was written about. Small but stratigiclly mighty.

  2. Love love watching from BC Canada, i love to try all the foods too at a buffet if i can lol. You are so lucky to be able to view the actually cooking in the kitchen with the staff, love that. Thanks for sharing it is so nice you have the opportunity to travel for food. I would love to do that with my Husband and girl. We just travel to Vancouver BC and try the various restaurants, lol.

  3. I know I’m watching old videos but love Middle Easter food it takes me back to my late grandmothers cooking, she was from Lebanon. The food she would cook was just so good and I miss it! Mulukhiyah was my absolute favourite, my grandmother would put a slice of toast under the rice and mulukhiyah to soak all the juices and it was just amazing! along side stuffed grape/ cabbage leaves, mouth watering thinking about it! Would love to one day visit Lebanon, kind of in honour of her 🙂

  4. They say the best cuisine in Lebanon is home cooked so this must be ideal for Mark,housewives coming together and cooking their own dishes as part of a large communal banquet.Wish I was there .

  5. lm from new York l Looking for
    A men call Hassan Herbert he
    From Lebanon my name is Cecilia Garcia
    l meeting he en new York 🤔🤔🤔🇺🇸🇺🇲🙏

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